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Welcome to Coastal Eye Associates!

Comprehensive Eye Care Services in Houston, TX

We take great pride in treating each patient with kindness, patience, and compassion. We are a family-oriented practice and are especially sensitive to the special needs of our seniors. We have several locations including Webster, Gulf Freeway, Pasadena, Texas City, and Alvin.

You will find information on our practicedoctors and much more on our website.

Our specialties include:

  • Comprehensive Eye Care
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal Disease
  • Retina and Vitreous
  • Pediatrics
  • LASIK/Refractive
  • Aesthetics

Thank you for visiting our site and please contact us to schedule an appointment at the location most convenient to you. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Coastal Eye Associates are consultants to the Johnson Space Center Flight Medicine Clinic and provide eye care services to the astronauts and their families.

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With it being a new year, keeping your eyes healthy should be on the top of your resolutions list. The health of your eyes is imperative for good health. Below are 8 tips for keeping your eyes healthy in 2020. Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam The National Eye Institute recommends an annual eye exam for everyone
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