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According to the American Optometric Association, “more than half of all office workers who use computers regularly suffer eye strain”. You’ve probably heard the saying if you stare at the computer too long, you’ll strain your eyes, but the strain is actually coming from the lighting that surrounds you at your home and at work.

Symptoms of Eye Strain

Forcing your eyes to focus in poor lighting can cause symptoms of eye strain. Symptoms of eye strains include: sore neck, shoulders or back; sore, burning or tired eyes; blurred or double vision; watery or dry eyes and an increase in light sensitivity or headaches.

Ways to Reduce Strain

In environments that have harsh lighting such as offices, it’s helpful to use lamps which create a more controllable ambient light than the fluorescent ceiling lights.

Other ways to reduce eye strain at work include adjusting the brightness of your monitor- you want to reduce the blue light so that it is about the same as the rest of your surroundings.

Having an office with windows can be great but the glare on your computer can be doing more damage to your vision. If you don’t have the option of covering the window, you can purchase special eyewear that is designed to reduce the glare.

Protect your eyesight by taking frequent breaks when you’re working on a computer. Be sure to look away at a distance for several seconds every couple of hours and be sure to step completely away for a few minutes.

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