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Eye Doctors and Ophthalmologists Houston

Are you searching for a Houston eye doctor? The Gulf Freeway Office of Coastal Eye Associates provides a range of comprehensive eye care services.

Services Include
Cataract Surgery – A common and highly effective procedure aimed at restoring clear vision in individuals with cataracts. During the surgery, the clouded lens is gently removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL), improving vision quality and reducing dependence on glasses or contact lenses. With advancements in technology and experienced surgeons, cataract surgery in Houston has become a safe and routine procedure.
LASIK Eye Surgery – A popular refractive surgery that corrects vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure involves using a laser to reshape the cornea, allowing light to properly focus on the retina and resulting in improved vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is known for its quick procedure time, minimal discomfort, and rapid recovery, offering our Houston patients a convenient and life-changing solution for clearer vision.
Comprehensive Eye Care – We provide a wide range of eye care services, including routine eye exams for all ages, treatment for eye conditions and diseases, contact lens fittings, and surgical procedures such as cataract surgery and LASIK. Whether you require a simple check-up or complex eye surgery, Coastal Eye associates has you covered.
Glaucoma Treatment – We offer comprehensive services for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of glaucoma. From medications and laser procedures to minimally invasive surgeries, Coastal Eye Associates offers a wide range of treatment options to preserve vision and manage glaucoma effectively.
Corneal Disease Treatment – Coastal Eye Associates specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases, providing comprehensive care to patients experiencing various conditions affecting the cornea.
Retina and Vitreous Treatment – Our team of highly skilled retina specialists utilizes advanced imaging techniques and state-of-the-art treatments to manage conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, and more.
Pediatrics Eye Care – Our team of experienced pediatric ophthalmologists offers comprehensive eye exams, early detection and treatment of vision problems, and specialized care for conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and refractive errors. With a child-friendly environment and a gentle approach, Coastal Eye Associates ensures a comfortable and positive experience for young patients.
Aesthetics Services – Coastal Eye Associates offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic eye treatments to enhance the appearance and rejuvenate the eye area. This includes cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), non-surgical treatments like BOTOX and dermal fillers, and other innovative procedures designed to reduce signs of aging and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the eyes.
Optical Shop – A one-stop destination for all your eyewear needs. With a wide selection of stylish frames, lenses, and contact lenses, we offer a personalized and convenient experience for finding the perfect eyewear. From prescription glasses and sunglasses to specialty lenses and lens coatings, Coastal Eye Associates’ optical shop ensures optimal vision and fashionable eyewear choices.

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