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keep the holidays happier and healthier

Have you started your holiday shopping yet, checking your list and checking it twice?  

If you struggle to find the perfect gift for your special loved one, look no further. Finding the perfect gift can be a frustrating task. You may think a cookbook, a health-wellness gift, or a gift card for a healthy meal delivered are fantastic health-conscious choices. Sometimes, however, the presents they will treasure the most don’t come in a beautifully wrapped box. Give the gift of health to your loved ones and yourself.

This holiday give your loved ones something they will cherish for a lifetime – the gift of healthy eyes. Slip a note in a holiday card with this sight-saving reminder: “Don’t forget to schedule your comprehensive eye exam.” Then, you volunteer to be their chauffeur and drive them to their eye care doctor appointment. It’s a great way to help ensure that the people you love keep their eyes healthy.

The critical fact is that many eye diseases have no warning signs, and a comprehensive eye exam is the only way to detect these diseases in their early stages.

Keep The Holidays Happier and Healthier.

Help someone you care about to see well for many holidays to come. Wrap up a reminder in a beautiful bow to get a comprehensive eye exam and help your loved ones make a plan to protect their eyesight. Schedule an appointment to give yourself a gift you will cherish for a lifetime; if you have not scheduled your eye exam yet, contact us TODAY! Time is running out, it is the end of the year, and your insurance benefits or flex accounts may expire at the end of the year.  

Our Goal Is Our Patients’ Lifelong Eye Health

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